A Different Take on "Pegasus" the mythical winged horse

As an artist, I've never felt like I should be limiting myself to certain subjects, like only painting flowers, or only doing seascapes. Art is about being creative, and sometimes that means illustrating a story that's in my head, or expressing an idea in imagery. Sometimes my work takes a surrealistic turn, and sometimes it looks like make-believe. I like the idea of Pegasus the mythical winged horse, but it occurred to me that a pretend flying horse didn't just have to settle for bird wings. And (call me strange if you want) bats are one of my favorite animals. So I started drawing horses with bat wings. Here are the three I've done.

They are, left to right, "Treacherous Journey", "Sunrise Frolic", and "Black Beauty".

I used reference photos of horses and bats in different positions. For example, Black Beauty is a 3/4 view of a horse, so I found a photo of a 3/4 view of a bat and then drew the wings to look like they are attached to the horse. All of the drawing is done in pencil, and then I scanned the drawing into Adobe Photoshop to add color. Eventually, I may draw some horses with butterfly or dragonfly wings.