Hamster as Flynn Ryder

Lately people seem to like the idea of dressing their pets up like people. If not literally, then in their imaginations. So I was commissioned to paint a picture of this dwarf hamster dressed up like Flynn Ryder, from one of the Disney Animated movies. My client provided me with several pics of the character, so I could see his clothing, and two photos of the hamster. Hamsters aren't great at posing on demand, so the photos I was provided weren't as much help as I would have liked. Time to google "dwarf hamster  standing up" to see what kind of reference photos I could find. Luckily, I came up with a few. Next challenge was to visualize how a hamster would look in a jerkin and shirt, with a leather belt circling his plump waist. That meant several sketches, until I could get the clothing to look just right on his furry little self. I texted them to my client for approval, and got a heart emoji back. That meant I should proceed. I again searched online for detailed close up photos of hamster feet, noses, and ears and used them as guides. Here is the a picture of my finished work.