Hunter's Moon and Variations

I call this picture "Hunter's Moon". The title has nothing to do with hunting wolves, which, I object to, btw. It has everything to do with the  fact that wolves hunt to survive, and "Hunter's Moon" also refers to the month of October. i suppose that was back in the days when people had to hunt to survive, and they were hunting in October to get ready for a long, hard winter. 


I started with a pencil drawing. One of the benefits of image editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop, is that I can make unlimited variations on the same piece. "Hunter's Moon" is the drawing, combined with a digital photo from my collection of sky photos. I used Adobe Photoshop to do this, and also to sample colors from the photo and add them to the drawing in strategic places, to come up with the final result. 

I also made another variation. I used the Filter menu and clicked "invert" to turn all the white to black, and black to white, and ended up with a night scene. Below, you can see the original drawing, and the night scene. Let me know which of the three you prefer. :)