My Fantasy/Fairytale/Illustrative Phase

As an artist's life passes through changes, their art will, too. From 2000 to about 2011, I was still working on the wildflowers, and nature that you're familiar with, but at that time, my emphasis was fantasy art. For this series, I worked in pencil and then scanned the drawing into the computer. I then used Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter 9 to add the color. The finished art then emerged as a print. 


My work was illustrative, not because I was illustrating a particular story, but because the picture, itself tells a story. And the nature of the story changes with the thoughts and ideas that each viewer brings to it.  This is my winged horse series. I always loved Pegasus, the winged horse with bird wings, but I thought it would be fun to draw a horse with bat wings, because I like bats. I may revisit this series and add other kinds of winged horses.

The Marsden Archive, a collection of photos of old ruins, castles, etc by Simon Marsden, provided inspiration for most of the "settings" in my illustrative work.

In "The Land of Purple Gems", the deer is just normal except for the purple antlers, but the setting has a fairytale quality, with the mountains in the background actually being giant amethysts.