Variation is the Spice of Life

II drew this lady's slipper from a photo I took on a camping trip in the Canadian Wilderness, years ago. But that's another story. It may see odd to want to draw something as colorful as a wildflower in black and white, but in addition to the color, wildflowers and everything else in the woodlands have a myriad of fascinating patterns, textures, and values;  and pencil is the perfect medium for rendering them

After I finished the drawing, I started to think of other ways to vary it. I scanned it into my computer, and used Adobe Photoshop to combine it with digital photos from my collection. In the examples below, the first is the pencil drawing unaltered. The second picture is combined with a photo of the sky, where the setting sun was reflecting on clouds in the eastern sky. I took some of the pink from the photo and added it to the drawing.

The third example is combined with a sunrise on a damp, foggy morning. When I added color, I concentrated it on the lady's slipper, itself. The only problem with making all these variations is that it's hard to choose which I like best.